Our Office Staff
Front Desk
Liz and Jess

Liz and Jess are happy to greet and serve you with over 20 years of experience.  Their goal is to make your office experience as pleasant as possible.  Prior to your visit, they initiate the process of pre-registration.  Upon your arrival, they verify insurance, ensure appropriate referrals are in place and collect prescriptions indicated for testing.  They also obtain reports and other pertinent information to your visit ahead of time, whenever possible.  Liz and Jess strive to bring you the best experience in assisting you during your visit.  If you have any questions, they are always available!


Sonographers and Technician
Maura, Peggy, Wendy, Kristine, DaLanya, Liz and Sue

Maura, Peggy, Wendy, Kristine and DaLanya are our sonographers.  Sue, our technician, performs electrocardiograms (EKGs).  Our sonographers and technician assist our patients in obtaining vital signs, attaching Holter monitor hook-ups, performing exercise stress tests and Coumadin testing.  They are compassionate and carry the utmost respect for our patients and their families.  They offer over 20 years of experience.


Support Staff
Jodi, Becky and Jan

Jodi schedules catheterization procedures and diagnostic tests, assists with transportation issues and prior authorizations.  She also will provide you with any necessary paperwork for school or work.  Becky is our appointment scheduler and enters all of your paperwork into our electronic medical records.  Jan is our transcriptionist and provides our collaborating physician offices with necessary paperwork.  All three have been taking care of our patients and all of the essential paperwork for over 30 combined years.  They are diligent in their efforts to ensure that our patients receive the proper authorizations, renewals, letters, notes, surgical clearances, and much more in an efficient manner.


Our office administrator, Debbie, has over 30 years of healthcare experience including billing, health insurance management, human resources, computers, technology, and general management.  Occasionally, you will see her as she covers for other staff members when they are out of the office.

Our Doctors

Dr. Joseph Orie

Dr. Glenn Leonard, Jr.

Dr. Rebecca Pratt

Dr. Megan McGreevy


Office Staff


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